TNB Pink Builder Gel - Pink - 15ml
TNB Pink Builder ... £14.95
Translucent pink builder gel. Intro offer ends soon ✨
TNB Structure Gel
TNB Structure Gel £11.70
TNB Structure Gel  This clear, buildable gel in a bottle is the perfect product to offer your clients who are wanting to start their nail growth journey. Or for those who need a little something more durable for their long natural nails. This gel is applied on the natural nail and will last for 4 long weeks, with 0 chips. Can be soaked off or infilled.  Pro tip- can also be used to encapsulate chunky glitters with ease.  How to use;  Remove excess cuticle  Remove shine from nail using a 180 file  Swipe to remove oils & apply primer (we recommend Young Nails protein bond)  Apply TNB base coat and cure for 60 seconds in an LED/UV lamp  Apply TNB structure gel evenly to all 10 nails and cure for 60 seconds in LED/UV lamp  Apply a second coat of structure gel, and build up your apex (hold the hand upside down to help with this) cure 2 mins LED/UV lamp  Swipe to remove tacky layer  Lightly file and shape gel Swipe to remove dust  Apply TNB gel polish in your clients favourite shade  Complete look with our Diamond Top coat and cuticle oil 

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