SlickPour Prep
SlickPour Prep £7.20
Young Nails SlickPour Prep cleans and dehydrates the nail to create the best surface for our powder coat system. Step 1 of 4
SlickPour Activator
SlickPour Activator £15.50
Young Nails SlickPour Activator is our exclusive drying accelerator that sets our signature powder coat system. Step 3 of 4
SlickPour Top
SlickPour Top £15.50
Young Nails SlickPour Top is our exclusive gloss sealer that finishes and locks in our signature powder coat look for a long lasting shine. Step 4 of 4
SlickPour Base
SlickPour Base £15.50
Young Nails SlickPour Base is our exclusive adhesion formula used to achieve our signature powder coat look. Step 2 of 4

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