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Protein Bond – Also Known as Liquid Gold

Packed in a little 1/4oz bottle – but don’t let it’s size fool you. Protein Bond is an absolute must have if you’re a nail pro and it will save your clients nails from chipping and lifting no matter what service you offer: gel, acrylic or even gel polish.

Protein Bond is the leader in non-acidic adhesion without the corrosive primers, our proprietary polymer bonds to the keratin structure and creates a stickier surface. Bonds to the natural nail and provides an anchor for gel, acrylic and polish.


The product that gets called:

Liquid Gold

And not just any anchor. This nail prep product gets called liquid gold and literally guarantees longer lasting nails for your clients.

So how to use it to get the BEST RESULTS?

protein bond 3

2x Coats Protein Bond

We recommend using 2x coats each time you use protein bond to get the BEST results!

Do First Ten Nails First

Just as it says above coat your first ten nails after you’ve removed the shine, and then once dried apply your second coat.Β 

ZERO lifting of Clients Nails!!

We hear on a DAILY basis that once nail technicians start to use Protein Bond they have ZERO lifting issues.

Oh and why not team up with some of our other best-sellers for flawless nails? Team up with Swipe, 150 Grit Files, Lint Free Wipes & our cuticle pusher & remover for amazing nail prep that will set you up for success.Β 

So give it a go yourself – you’ll be amazed at the results 😍

And if you’re still not sure… check out these Reviews showing HOW AMAZING Protein Bond is.Β 

I SWEAR BY THIS! I’ve had NO lifting issues since I switched to this primer! Don’t let the small bottle fool you because it honestly goes a long way! Just be sure to remove the shine from the nail plate & dehydrate, and one layer of this primer will do the job!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


BEST PRIMER EVER! I've used protein bond several times and ill continue to use it. Its the best primer I've ever used.


I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON PROTEIN BOND! This is my go-to bond product. It never fails me and is great on clients who have sensitivities or who tend to have more lifting.

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