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Instagram for Nail Techs: Do you have a KILLER BIO?

Are YOU using your Instagram Bio to it’s full potential?

First impressions are everything right? So why are we not maximising our IG Bios to convert visitors to followers and potential customers?

We are often seeing this part of the nail techs IG page get the least amount of attention – which is pretty scary when really this is the first thing a visitor lands on and quickly scans when they discover your page…

There is no perfect answer to this, but we have came up with a few tips definitely worth considering and implementing to you bizzness IG page πŸ‘‡(P.S you can find us at @youngnailsni)

Tips to consider when writing your IG Bio

  1. Include a CTA (Call To Action)
    Do you want them to visit your website? Your online booking system? Or to use your hashtag? Then tell them! Be loud and clear on what you want your followers to take action on! πŸ“£
  2. Think about your link… You only get ONE link so make it count!
    If you want people to take various different actions then consider using a useful (free) tool like β€˜LINKTREE’ that lets you direct followers to various web pages/ posts/ blogs/ competitions/ bookings etc  πŸ’»
  3. INCLUDE Your NAME & Location 🌍
    This is probably the most common issue we are seeing across nail techs IG pages in Northern Ireland. So many of you aren’t including your names or where you are based which can put potential clients off. Including your name helps followers and potential clients build trust with your page and your brand.. it will make it easier for them to send a message and start a conversation about your services which is EXACTLY what you want!!! 

Quick Example:

Nieve πŸ’… Based in Belfast πŸ“ Accepting new clients πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Qualified in Acrylic Extensions & Gel Polish w/ Young Nails NI πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

This is much better than leaving blank and at least covering the absolute basics for a new follower to quickly get to know what you’re about

4. Use Emojis 😍
With a limited character count and space you might want to use emojis to help communicate your message with icons. Plus a splash of colour certainly breaks up your bio making it fun and easy for followers to quickly scan and read πŸ€“

5. Communicate your business & brand quickly

A great bio effectively communicates what their business/ services are in a matter of characters. And with the bio you have 150 to be exact. A tuned in bio can quickly let a new visitor understand what you and your business are about. So think about this when writing your bio – consider your target market when thinking about this.

So although you might never have gotten round to fixing or updating your Instagram bio even though you had the best intentions to β€˜get round to it’ you might want to make some of these changes TODAY and stop taking it for granted!

It could be the difference of converting Instagram traffic to followers and even converting this traffic and these followers to paying clients πŸ’Έ

Make it count πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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